In spite of their achievements, many women feel like frauds and remain convinced that they do not deserve the success they have achieved. Proof of success is dismissed as luck, timing or at worst, deceiving others into thinking they are more intelligent and competent than they believe themselves to be.

Known as Imposter Syndrome, research conducted in 2019 shows that up to 70% of people suffer from it and that Imposter Syndrome has become a significant factor in the erosion and attrition of women leaders in the workplace.

People with Imposter Syndrome tend to hold back by:

  • Not speaking out at meetings, especially if they disagree
  • Not applying for the jobs they actually want
  • Not asking for advancement
  • Not sharing their ideas
  • Not challenging the decisions of others

Despite its prevalence few organisations have training strategies or policies to support their aspiring female leaders with Imposter Syndrome. The failure to address this issue means that women’s workforce participation is undermined, and this has a major impact not only on business performance but also regional economic growth.


Our programme Overcoming Imposter Syndrome aims to fill this gap. 

We invite participants to explore their awareness of the syndrome and create a safe space to consider its accompanying behaviours and impacts.

By attending this programme YOU will:

  • Explore your own experiences of Imposter Syndrome

  • Understand the behavioural and financial impacts of Imposter Syndrome in the workplace

  • Identify the mindsets and biases that feed into Imposter Syndrome

  • Develop real life strategies to move beyond the influence of Imposter Syndrome in the workplace

  • Engage in 1:1 coaching to develop personal strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome


The programme is delivered in a blended format and includes a self-assessments and a 2-hour Virtual Workshop followed by a 1:1 Coaching Session with one of our highly experienced executive coaches. 

Pre-Programme Assessment (ISA)

Before taking part in the training, participants are sent a link to complete our tailored Imposter Syndrome Assessment (ISA). The data from this assessment provides us with a baseline measure to understand which IS behaviours are most prevalent in the training group and to be able to personalise the Virtual Workshop based on individual needs.

Virtual Workshop

During this 2-hour virtual workshop participants are introduced to Imposter Syndrome and made aware of its prevalence and impact on workplace behaviours. Group data from the assessment is shared and participants are then introduced to key strategies to overcome Imposter Syndrome.

In line with adult learning principles our approach to training is ‘learner-led’ and the workshops is designed to be highly interactive and include discussions, reflections and exercises with feedback. Time is given to peer interaction as a key adult learning method. Facilitators are seasoned Executive Coaches with a wealth of practitioner experience in the business world.

1:1 Coaching Session

To enable training participants to further embed their learning from the virtual session into workplace practices, our programme includes a virtual 1-hour 1:1 Coaching Session with an experienced Executive Coach. This confidential session gives participants an opportunity to raise challenges around Imposter Syndrome that are more personal in nature and to find ways of overcoming them. During the coaching session the participant will be supported to create a personal strategy for identifying and overcoming Imposter Syndrome in their own work practices.

Post-Programme Evaluation

Two weeks after the coaching session, participants are sent a link to complete a Post Programme Imposter Syndrome Assessment (ISA) Evaluation Survey. The individual results of this survey help benchmark shifts in participant thinking and behaviours as a result of the training and coaching experience.


Fees are available upon request.

Terms and Conditions Apply: Our Standard Terms and Conditions for the Course may be found – HERE. Please ensure that you read these T’s and C’s as it will be assumed that you have done so and agreed to them, once payment has been made.


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