“No culture can survive if it attempts to be exclusive.”

– Mahatma Ghandi

In today’s diverse world of work inclusion means more than adding people to a group or being picked for a team. It means an honouring of the wide range of diversity dimensions in the workplace. This translates to intentional policies, processes, strategies and behaviours to ensure that people with varying backgrounds, education levels, ages, ethnicities and genders are welcomed into your organisation and offered a place of belonging.

To achieve this, leaders must become expert at engaging their people and creating the kind of workplace culture that invites the full participation of their diverse workforce.

We know that identifying inclusive leadership behaviours that will work for your organisation can be challenging. At The Diversitas Group, we have used our 20 plus years of diversity experience working globally with a range of private and public sector clients to bring you a Virtual Inclusive Leadership Programme.

As well as giving participants an overview of inclusive leadership and why it matters, this flexible programme introduces them to our A-F Model of Inclusive Leadership and offers them insight into their own inclusive leadership strengths and development areas.


Our highly interactive and engaging Inclusive Leadership Programme will equip your leaders with the inclusive leadership traits and behaviours that matter in the real world of work today!

By attending this programme PARTICIPANTS will:

  • Become familiar with the key components of Inclusive Leadership

  • Understand some of the challenges and tensions relating to inclusion

  • Engage in deeper conversations about the landscape of inclusive leadership in their organisations.

  • Understand the importance of self- awareness as a means of closing the gap between their leadership intention and their actual impact

  • Become familiar with the impact of personal and systemic bias

  • Identify the cultural competencies they need to develop to strengthen their Inclusive Leadership

  • Become aware of the importance of psychological safety and how to foster it within their workplace relationships

  • Gain insight into their own inclusive leadership strengths and development areas


1-hour e-learning Module

The programme is delivered in a blended format and starts with a 1-hour asynchronous e-learning module, which introduces key concepts relating to inclusive leadership as well as outlining the fundamentals of our A-F of Inclusive Leadership Model.

Inclusive Leadership Pro Assessment©

To enable participants to understand their own inclusive leadership strengths and development areas, we include in our E-learning module a link to our Inclusive Leadership Pro Assessment ©. This 20 minutes online assessment allows participants to benchmark themselves against the traits and behaviours of our A-F Model of inclusive leadership.

2-hour Virtual Workshop

Following on from the E-learning module, we offer a 2-hour virtual workshop. During this workshop, participants are invited to use the insights they gained from the E-learning to begin to identify ways of applying inclusion strategies into their workplaces. We explore some of the challenges and the opportunities of transitioning towards workplace inclusion and which specific traits and behaviours participants need to develop to support this within their own specific workplace contexts.

In line with adult learning principles our approach to this session is to be ‘learner-led’ and follow the interest of the group. Therefore the virtual session is designed to be highly interactive and includes discussions, reflections and exercises with feedback. Time is given to peer interaction as a key adult learning strategy. Facilitators are seasoned Executive Coaches with a wealth of practitioner experience in the business world.

1-hour 1:1 Coaching Session

To enable training participants to further embed their learning from the virtual session into workplace practices, our programme includes an optional virtual 1-hour 1:1 Coaching Session with one of our experienced Executive Coaches. This confidential session gives participants an opportunity to raise their personal concerns and challenges and identify individualized strategies for transitioning towards a more inclusive leadership approach in their workplaces.


Our Introduction to Inclusive Leadership Programme is multi-faceted and flexible, which means you can select all of the above tools and interventions or opt for one or two of them. Fees are available upon request.

Terms and Conditions Apply: Our Standard Terms and Conditions for the Course may be found – HERE. Please ensure that you read these T’s and C’s as it will be assumed that you have done so and agreed to them, once payment has been made.


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