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Tracy is CEO of The Diversitas Group. She is a diversity and inclusion expert who offers her services as a keynote speaker, leadership expert and executive coach to clients across industry sectors and geographies. With more than 20 years of experience in supporting leaders in diverse cultural environments including Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, she brings a wealth of cultural intelligence to her work.


Head of Digital Learning

Justine is an Associate with The Diversitas Group. As a facilitator, Executive Coach and Digital Learning Specialist she works with corporate organisations, to utilise digital technologies and design online learning solutions which effectively facilitate and enhance learning opportunities. 



Sneh is an Associate with The Diversitas Group who moved into coaching following her career in recruitment. She works with millennial clients that are looking for personal and professional development by helping them articulate their goals and providing structure for them to stay in action.

Julia Francis


Julia is an Associate with The Diversitas Group. With more than 10 years’ experience as a Business and Executive Coach, Julia has specialises in coaching Executive and Senior Leadership teams through significant business challenges.

Marina Jankovic


Marina is an Associate with The Diversitas Group. With 14 year’s experience within international blue-chip and privately-owned organizations, she combines her coaching with strong business acumen. She has experience in leading multicultural teams and takes a pragmatic approach in building value-adding coaching and leadership development programmes.

Hatem Alabaki


Hatem is an Associate with The Diversitas Group. He is a certified leadership coach, committed to holding a transformative and results oriented experience for his clients, he excels at helping his coaching clients visualize their future and take the next step towards getting there.

Paul White


Paul is an Associate with The Diversitas Group. As an executive  coach and facilitator, he has broad experience in leadership coaching and career transition. He offers more than 15 years in leadership development and coaching in inter-cultural contexts including Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

Chris Sheepshanks


Chris is an Associate with The Diversitas Group. As an executive coach, systems coach and leadership developer, he has been working with clients for over 20 years, supporting them in gaining deeper clarity on their roles,  responsibilities and identities as leaders.

Shazeaa Ingar


Shazeaa is an Associate with The Diversitas Group. Developing and nurturing emerging talent and leadership potential is what motivates and drives her. As an experienced psychologist, facilitator and coach she  works with government and private sector organisations to nurture their human capital to reach maximum potential. 



Martin is an Associate with the Diversitas Group. With over 15 years as a qualified Executive & Leadership Coach, following his career as an HR Director, MD and CEO in business services sector organisations. Having gained corporate & coaching experience in the UK, USA, Europe, Africa, S.E. Asia and the Middle East, he has a pragmatic, direct and person-centred coaching style with individuals and teams, supporting and challenging them to meet their life & career goals”



Our consultants, facilitators and coaches come from diverse backgrounds and possess a depth of understanding of the world of business  including its challenges and opportunities, from their own experiences of working within corporate roles across a range of industry sectors.  They are skilled in diversity and inclusion which adds richness and insight to their coaching, facilitation and consulting services.  As well as holding international accreditations in leadership and executive coaching they are qualified to administer a range of diagnostic and psychometric tools, which allows them to offer an understanding of individual and group behavioural dynamics. 


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