Working from home has been anything BUT the panacea for stress that many had hoped. With trying to balance home and work responsibilities in a new and unexpected way, it’s becoming hard to remember a time before we started being ‘busy’ all the time.    


For many, it feels like an achievement just making it through the day. While we take on more work and responsibilities, work longer hours and deal with higher levels of stress, our minds and bodies are paying the price. As our energy outputs exceed our energy intake, burnout is the inevitable consequence if we don’t actively recognize and circumvent it.   

Studies suggest thatanywhere from 23–54% of workershave previously or are currently dealing with burnout. So, it’s an issue we all need to understand. While each burnout experience is individual, there are clear triggers to look out for and proven strategies to help you avoid, alleviate, and recover from burnout symptoms.   

Across two interview podcasts, Tracy May, CEO of The Diversitas Group talks to a Senior L&D Advisor from the Professional Services sector, Alex Rigale, who suffered burnout last year. 

If you are interested in knowing more about Alex’s journey or would like to speak to him personally, you can reach him on [email protected] 

In this first Interview Alex and Tracy unpack the road to burnout. Listen Now!


Perfectionism and Burnout- The Critical Link Interview 1

by The Diversitas Group

Perfectionism and Burnout- The Critical Link Interview 2

by The Diversitas Group

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