“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story within you” – Maya Angelou 

The challenges faced by women in leadership are unique, so we have created a series of impactful programmes for women who are transitioning up the leadership ladder. 

There is still much to be done to close the gender gap in the workplace. Many systemic barriers remain, such as unconscious bias, sexism, gender pay gaps and social inequalities that mean the burden of household and childcare responsibilities still fall on women.

At the same time, there are a number of internal barriers in the form of negative mindsets that add to the external challenges, making it difficult for women to accelerate their careers, including the well documented mid-career confidence crash and the prevailing masculinisation of leadership in the workplace. In our work with women across industry sectors, we have gained unique insight into these barriers and how to overcome them.

Our Women in Leadership Programmes are designed to address personal and systemic barriers and offer skills to overcome them. Our aim is to empower women by connecting them with own unique leadership narrative and identity. Through our blended range of offerings, we cater for women at all stages of their leadership evolution, enabling them to discover a congruent leadership identity that aligns with their values and vision.

Who are these programmes for?

Women in the workplace who want to have a greater impact and discover or strengthen their leadership identity.


  • Become aware of limiting mindsets and how to overcome them
  • Reshape your personal story
  • Connect with your own leadership identity


Bespoke Programmes

Because each organisation and client are unique, we offer a bespoke approach to our Women in Leadership Programmes. For clients who wish to build a leadership programme around their own unique values or competencies, we work with you to create a programme that centres around the specific needs of your learning group.

The format or our bespoke programmes usually includes focus groups or interviews for the discover work, followed by a series of webinar/workshops aimed at skill building. Learning Workshops are complemented by 1:1 executive coaching, so that participants can integrate the insights gained into their workplace practice.

Elevate Women in Leadership Series

The Elevate Women in Leadership Series consists of a range of asynchronous learning micro-modules, for professional women in the workplace. Each micro-module focuses on a particular mindset or range of beliefs that typically hinder women’s workplace progression.

These Micro-modules are visually interesting and interactive and include opportunities for self-reflection and journaling. They are designed to be completed asynchronously (independently) and once purchased, participants can come back to them as many times as is needed.

The Modules in this series are:

  • Module 1 Creating Personal Visibility*FREE for March 2021!* Available now!
  • Module 2 Making Your Net-Work Available now!
  • Module 3 Making Friends with ‘Good Enough’Available now!
  • Module 4 Maintaining Your Personal Power Available now!
  • Module 5 Maintaining Your Personal Energy Available now!
  • Module 6 Growing from Setbacks Coming soon.
  • Module 7 Beating the Disease to Please Coming soon.
  • Module 8 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Coming soon.
  • Module 9 Making Emotions Your Ally Coming soon.
  • Module 10 Defining Your Leadership Style Coming soon.

Register by completing the form below. Upon registration and payment, you will be sent a link with a username and password to access the module/s you have purchased.


• 1 Module= USD $110 + VAT
• 3 Modules = USD $310 + VAT
• 5 Modules = USD $490 + VAT

Terms and Conditions Apply: Our Standard Terms and Conditions for the Course may be found – HERE. Please ensure that you read these T’s and C’s as it will be assumed that you have done so and agreed to them, once payment has been made.



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